Rocket Launch

Orange County, CA

Little did we know. Little did anyone know. On the eve - or there abouts - of the 2020 global pandemic, Good at Rockets met, started rehearsing and working through a live set, ready to debut.

Set list polished, nearly, and shows booked.  

Founded by Joel Cassara, John McCabe and Andy Seagren -  we write and perform original songs, with a keen eye on finding a cover song or two to include in the set list. That hasn't happened yet.   

Joel Cassera has been in bands in Southern California for many years, most recently running an eight-year stint as drummer for the band Union Down.   

Andy Seagren, originally from Chicago, comes to Good at Rockets via bands in Minneapolis - and local groups in Orange County.

John McCabe has been performing around Orange County for the last several years and was co-founder of Engine Trouble.    

All dressed up and no place to go.